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Internet Access: It Sucks | Damned Liberal

I used to subscribe to ATT’s phone-based DSL service.
Until they announced a cap on download bandwidth and until I became aware ATT is one of the ALEC gangsters.

So I found an alternate DSL provider. No download cap, locally-owned, not a member of ALEC, not ATT, and I subscribed to their service. But there was a downside: They have to use ATT wires (and equipment) to get the DSL service to me. I began experiencing increasingly frequent DSL outages. When I called the DSL provider, they always said, “ATT reports problems.” So I’d ask how long I could expect service to be out. “ATT reports service will be restored within 24 hours”. WTF?

Here’s what I suspect: ATT may be intentionally dropping service (or simply ignoring maintenance) on standard DSL equipment and lines. They have a new fiber-optic-based “U-verse” plan, you see. So maybe they’re buggering the DSL subscribers in an

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