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deaf echo » Writing for and by Deaf people » Lies and Deception

Since I wrote my column, “Stupid Deaf People: 2090 Coalition Behaving Badly,” a follow-up to “Not in My Backyard: The Truth About the Fight for a Deaf School’s Future,” much has happened in Rocky Mountain Deaf School’s struggle to secure a property on which it can build a facility of its own.

The 2090 Coalition, which has been circulating a petition seeking to overturn the Lakewood City Council’s rezoning of the property, has continued to lie to the public about what its petition is about. It has continued to tell Lakewood citizens that the petition is to “save open space” and that the vote will determine “whether 2090 S. Wright Street should remain open space or be rezoned for a regional charter school.”

The coalition is not revealing to citizens the fact that a vote on the issue will not ensure the property becomes open space; rather,

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