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Yeehaw Teaching in Texas!: AT&T Teacher Discount

I was as happy as you were about this feature until I realized that ATT ALWAYS has “a catch.” First of all, this discount is not offered to all teachers; it’s only available to those whose school has a partnership with ATT. Secondly, the discount only applies to certain features within your bill — NOT the entire bill. I would totally understand if the discount was applied pre-tax, but that’s not even the case. There are actually some bundles (of course, when I spoke on the phone with them, I couldn’t understand the access of the person on the other end very well, so I can only tell you bits and pieces of what he said!) that ATT doesn’t offer a discount on at ALL — discount code or not. The first time I applied the discount to my bill, it was about a $60 drop, and I did

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