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4 debunked Republican lies that you can't ignore

There are lies … and then there are more lies. And we’re not talking about harmless butler-style white lies. These lies are so red, they make Carrot Top’s hair look like a neutral shade of auburn. With the GOP mass-producing and selling their lies as truths, how do we determine fact from faux?

If only there were something, a myth-busting machine or a lie-seeking boomerang. Or how about a book that just gives it to us straight, lays out the myth and tells us the unadulterated truth? Ding ding! We’re in luck. JP Bernbach’s book “Pack of Lies” categorizes these lies as “crimes against democracy” and sets the record straight for 40 of America’s conservative myths. And luckily, no magical boomerangs or fancy machines are required.

Here are four of them (and for the rest go here!):
1. Liberals want to

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