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AT&T LG Optimus G review |

LG has a lot to prove with the Optimus G; not only is there pressure to create a blockbuster device, but there’s also pressure to show that the company can make devices as nice (if not better) than its main rivals Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. And with the G, LG comes as close as it ever has.

As we’ve established, LG chose to take a different route than the one Samsung took with its Galaxy S 3 launch, customizing a variety of models to meet carriers’ specific wants and needs. Despite this custom tailoring, all Optimus Gs retain a sense of commonality, including ATT’s model. Though it differs from the “standard” international version as well as Sprint’s model in both its hardware and software, the ATT-specific Optimus G very much lives up to its branding.

ATT’s Optimus G  is striking with its “crystallized” back (part

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