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Savvy Housekeeping » Paying Too Much For iPhones

Even as people have cut back on their expenses the last four years, they have been paying more for their iPhones. The Wall Street Journal reports that with smartphone bills running about $100 a month, “the average household’s annual spending on telephone services rose to $1,226 in 2011 from $1,110 in 2007, when Apple Inc.’s iPhone first appeared.”

And those with numerous iPhones pay “sometimes more than $4,000 a year.”

On top of that, people sign contracts locking them in at these high rates for a years at a time.

Needless-to-say, we can do better than that. Up until recently, I used a T-Mobile plan that cost about $45 a month and had unlimited Internet and more texts than I ever came close to using. It was important to me that my cell phone plan:

a. not be ATT,

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