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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Consumer Reports Ranks Verizon Best U.S. Carrier, AT&T As Worst

Tweet In its most recent annual report on U.S. mobile carrier Consumer Reports found that Verizon Wireless is the best carrier of the big four, and ATT is the worst. Verizon led the pack of the major carrier by receiving good scores in voice quality as well as data service quality. The company also scored […]

AT&T Offers Me $.08 Service Credit For My iPhone Downtime – The

Consumerist reader Aaron wrote in to share his experience of attempting to get a service credit from ATT Wireless after experience a data outage on his iPhone. On one hand, he was successful in getting some money back. On the other hand, he probably spent more money getting the credit than he received. Here’s the […]

Consumer Reports rankings: AT&T worst carrier, Verizon best

Consumer Reports has published its annual customer satisfaction rankings for U.S. mobile networks. The rankings reveal that Verizon customers are happiest, while once again ATT scored lowest out of the four major carriers. The rankings are based upon consumer surveys, based upon categories including data network, call quality and customer service. Of course, your mileage will […]

How AT&T Will Ruin Your Relationship | YourTango

Do you use ATT? We live in a cellular world. Everyone has a cellphone — probably even your 80 year-old grandmother. A phoneless life, or even an hour, is utterly uncivilized. More from YourTango: Bad Reputations: Should You Give A Damn? For the second year in a row, ATT has come in last place in […]

AT&T Once Again America's Worst Cell Phone Company, Verizon

ATT has once again received the dubious distinction of being America’s worst cell phone company, according to ratings (sub. required) from Consumer Reports. ATT’s bottom-of-the-barrel status has become something of an annual tradition in the consumer magazine’s ratings, as the company remains in last place year after year for dreadful performance, poor value, and downright lousy […]

AT&T Wireless Named 'Worst Carrier' Yet Again

ATT Wireless is the worst wireless carrier in American for the second year in a row according to the most recent Consumer Reports survey. On the other end of the spectrum Verizon Wireless has taken the top spot among large-scale providers. To conduct its survey Consumer Reports spoke with 63,000 subscribers. The conversation focused on voice, data an customer […]

AT&T Dubbed Worst Phone Carrier Of 2012 By Consumer Reports

ATT has done it again. For the third year in a row, the telecommunications company was named the worst major cell phone service provider in Consumer Reports’ annual ranking, released on Nov. 29. ATT “received ‘middling to low marks’ in voice and text service quality,” giving it the lowest overall score among carriers, according to […]

Consumers say AT&T still sucks the most

For the third year running, Consumer Reports readers have ranked ATT the worst of the big four networks. But customers are growing less satisfied across the board. Each year Verizon puts together ratings based on feedback from 63,000 subscribers, expressed as a score out of 100. The score covers a range of factors including voice […]

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