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AT&T, T-Mobile Will Share Networks In New York And New Jersey

ATT and T-Mobile announced on Wednesday a plan to share their networks in New York and New Jersey. The move should help customers on both networks that are suffering spotty cell service in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Provided that users have compatible devices, they will be able to use whichever network is more functional in their area.

According to a press release issued via email on Wednesday, users should be able to switch seamlessly between either network; the release also says that users will not be hit with extra charges for the added service.

“ATT and T-Mobile customers will be able to place calls just as they normally would, but their calls will be carried by whichever network is most operational in their area,” the release reads. “This will be seamless for ATT and T-Mobile customers with no change to their current rate plans or service agreements even if

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