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Cell Phone Problems Persist As Wireless Carriers Repair Damage

Communication networks across the Northeast were slowly recovering Thursday, but many New York and New Jersey residents were still unable to make cell phone calls as wireless providers scrambled to repair equipment damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

In a statement Thursday afternoon, officials from the Federal Communications Commission said they were noticing “steady improvements” in telecom networks in areas affected by the storm, but that “much work remains to be done to restore service fully.” They did not give an estimate on how long it would take for wireless service to fully recover, though on Wednesday they said it could take several days.

“Replenishing fuel supplies for generators that are enabling communications networks to continue operating is a particularly critical challenge,” David Turetsky, the FCC’s public safety and homeland security bureau chief, said in a statement.

FCC officials also said calls to 911 centers were largely working, though some were still being re-routed to

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