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Is Amazon the next evil empire? [video … |

Oh, hi, and welcome to the 58th episode of Friday’s Informal Facebook Films!  Did you know 58 miles per hour is the minimum wind speed needed to issue a Severe Thunderstorm Warning in the United States?  Now you do…

News: No Text on Board Pledge Day

With new phones coming out all the time – like the iPhone 5s we have on order! – the issue of people – and especially teens – texting while they drive has reached epidemic levels.

With nearly 18 texting-while-driving deaths a day of American teens, the phone companies are mobilizing their educational efforts to help curb this frightening trend.  Along with assigning last Wednesday as “No Text on Board Pledge Day,” ATT is launching a campaign featuring celebrities at  One other unique educational tool employed by the company is an online virtual simulator where users can enter their phone numbers and then begin a simulated

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