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Verizon Dupes Customers with LTE Half-Truths — TheTelecomBlog

Recently Verizon unveiled a new round of television commercials focused on its 4G LTE coverage. One ad in particular opens with a focus group looking at charts detailing the LTE coverage of America’s Top Four carriers, with Verizon clearly coming out on top in each one. While only 30 seconds long, the commercial repeatedly drills the focus group on which company would be the easy choice, the obvious answer being, of course, Verizon.

The commercial ends with the Verizon representative concluding that “it doesn’t matter how you present it,” referring to the obviousness of the cold hard facts, but given the tenuous half-truths the entire commercial is based on, the tag line should probably refer to Verizon’s take on truthfulness in marketing.

Sure the commercial makes Verizon look better than its competitors, but it does so at the cost of full

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