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What's It Going to Take to Get You – Networking Exchange Blog

That’s it. When you start reading about Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the Dutch Marketing Professionals LinkedIn Group, you know the concept has gone mainstream.

Today at lunch I swapped stories with a customer. They both ended the same way: “If only that customer had told us that they were dissatisfied, we could have fixed the problem.”  In a world where social media allows disgruntled voices to be heard all the way to Washington, the word-of-mouth for any brand has never been more important. Sales numbers are tightly correlated to a customer’s willingness to not only continue being a customer, but also to recommend your brand to others. The WTR (willingness to recommend) is another key metric being heard around the world.

While there is a growing practice to help businesses figure out these scores in their respective vertical markets, a few key tips are becoming evident to anyone being measured by NPS. Even if this metric has

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