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i Stocks Broker: FCC blasts AT&T for lies about T-Mobile merger

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday blasted ATT, accusing the telecom giant of lying about the benefits of its proposed merger with T-Mobile.

In its 109-page report on the proposal, the regulator states that ATT’s $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile would not be in the public’s interest, because the merger would “substantially lessen competition,” limit consumers’ choice in wireless providers and raise prices for mobile customers.

The report also found that ATT was saying one thing publicly but telling a different story internally around its claims that the deal would create jobs and is necessary for ATT to deploy next-generation wireless technology.

In the document, the FCC said its staff “identifie[d] internal ATT documents and consistent historical practices that contradict ATT’s claim that merging with T-Mobile is essential for ATT to build out its LTE network to 97% of Americans.”

That’s one of ATT’s central arguments in favor of

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