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Ones who switched from Verizon to AT&T | Embed Lets

Tell me what you think?

I have verizon right now, but I’ve wanted an iphone forever. I have never had a problem with verizon, I actually like it but the craving for an iphone is getting to me.

How is the service? Is it worth the switch? How different is pricing?

I siwtched. I had a treo 700w(worst phone ever) and got an iPhone. Pricing is much better was paying $90/mo now paying $70/mo. The only downside is that its only edge but it is fairly responsive on the iPhone. I had many dropped calls with verizon also but that may have been due to the phone.

I’ve always been with ATT, so I can’t really compare to Verizon, but I do know friends who switched, and some said the service was comparable and others said it was better.

All I care about is ATT supports GSM and Verizon

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