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Starting Friday, AT&T is taking $100 off the price of tablets

Starting Friday, ATT is offering $100 off the price of any tablet purchased that needs to connect to an ATT data plan. The deal is good for tablets purchased online or for tablets bought at an ATT company owned store or through a select authorized reseller. ATT has three DataConnect plans starting at 250MB for $15 a month, 3GB for $30, and 5GB for $50.

The Pantech Element is available from ATT

The Pantech Element is available from ATT

If you are already an ATT Mobile Share customer, you can share between 1GB and 20GB of data with nine other devices by simply adding $10 a month to your monthly Mobile Share invoice. Some of the new (as opposed to refurbished) tablets available on ATT’s web site include the Pantech Element, the third-generation

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