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Kyrkliga Ting: #42. Karl om att älska sin nästa…

Thou shall love thy NEIGHBOUR. In the concrete fact of the neighbour we encounter, finally and supremely, the ambiguity of our existence, since in the particularity of others we are reminded of our own particularity, of our own createdness, our own lost state, our own sin, and our own death. That men should be thus confronted by men is the riddle presented to us in the primitive state of nature. The solution to this riddle must also be the solution of those perpetually recurring interruptions of our conversation about God. Here a decision must be sought as to wether the impossible possibilty of God – which lies beyond all human possibility – is or is not a mere phantom of metaphysics; whether, when we speak of the pre-supposition behind all things that are capable of analysis and description, when we speak of the outpouring of

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