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Sprint Community: TERRIBLE customer service

Hey bakmkrjlms5.I feel you bro. I was with sprint for 3 years before they had the IPhone 5.  Wrong move for me to renew my contract with them for the family plan.  I even convinced my wife mom-in-law, who are with Verizon then, to move to sprint because they have “BETTER SERVICE” for the “VALUE”, as sprint claims.  Since Oct. 3, 2012, I’ve called sprint almost everyday, went to a sprint store they even gave me a new IP5 (after all the “fixes” been done which didn’t really help at all), went to apple store to have it “fixed”, upgraded it to the new IOS 6.0.1, and all it did were just fixing the problem temporarily.  And get this, ALL OF THE SPRINT REPRESENTATIVES that helped me, said the same thing over over again, THAT IT WILL FIX THE PROBLEM. NOT!!!!  And everytime they tell that a

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