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Get Service Credit For Crappy AT&T Reception, Get Upgrade Date



In ads, ATT has been hyping their 4G rollout. It is pretty exciting, Unless you’re a customer using 3G whose service has been taken out by the upgrade. Scott is trying to remain patient, but has sought compensation in the form of service credits for the crappy service he receives. Big Orange granted him these credits, but he got an irritating surprise when he checked his upgrade eligibility date. It had been moved ahead three months, because he was now giving ATT less money. Because they were granting him service credits for their crappy service.

I’ve been an ATT customer for over 10 years. I’ve never had issues with customer service until this year. West Kentucky is a place with very poor ATT coverage. Just recently ATT dropped 3G in areas here, and put 4G/HSPA+ overlay

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