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Telecom Union Argues AT&T Is Better Than Sprint For Merger With T

The largest telecommunications union in the world says it was inevitable that T-Mobile would eventually be acquired by somebody, and ATT is the best bet.

When ATT announced its plans to buy T-Mobile in March, Communications Workers of America was quick to praise the plan. Since then, the union has outlined precisely why it supports the deal, which would create the largest wireless carrier in the United States.

T-Mobile’s current owner, Germany-based Deutsche Telecom, was looking to dump the American company because it couldn’t grow its subscriber base, according to CWA. “T-Mobile was going to be sold to either ATT or Sprint,” the union argues. “ATT is the better option for consumers and workers.”

CWA makes the case that Sprint is in no financial position absorb the stress of a merger, while ATT is stronger, has a better track record with mergers, and uses more compatible technology.

Perhaps the crux of the union’s support,

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