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The "New" AT&T Sucks The Same – The Consumerist

Dear Consumerist,

For five years I worked as a producer for two different television station consumer units, sorting through viewer e-mails, phone calls and letters. From this vast list of complaints, I would choose cases to investigate and feature in our on-air reports. If I were still working in TV news, I would have chronicled my two-month experience with “the new ATT” in a multi-part report. The resulting series could have won an regional Emmy when I documented the double-speak, screw-ups and sloppy service I encountered.

This case starts with a loyal, longtime customer making a simple request to transfer existing service to a home I was buying. It ends with a frustrated customer so exhausted by his entire ATT experience he finally cancels his $1428 a year phone/internet due to numerous billing errors, poor customer service, and five service outages in the span of 60 days. Even after the cancellation, the

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