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AT&T Sucks Epic Fail call to customer service LIES | What Is

This is an actual call I placed to ATT on February 3rd, 2010 to order DSL service. It is both shocking and hilarious to hear what this representative has to say, and HOW he says it. It was not my initial intention to record this call, however after hearing things that were in complete contradiction to what I had been told prior to this call, I wanted to document it. So you enter into the call about 3-5 minutes into it (sorry). Legal Note: In Missouri, one of the two parties must know if the phone conversation is being recorded. The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) may require one to be notified if the conversation may be recorded. The ATT recording clearly states the conversation may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Therefore it was not needed for me to also disclose it. I encourage you to learn these laws and consult with an attorney as I did prior to attempting any corporate phone recordings.