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AT&T Will Say Anything To Get You As A Customer – The Consumerist


Greg wants to know why ATT doesn’t feel the need to honor its quote for a Dish Network package. He notes, “I were to claim I made a mistake in agreeing to a two year commitment, I hesitate to think you would let me claim that I should not be held accountable for that.” But it’s not that ATT “mistakenly” quoted him a price. An ATT rep gave him one price, and another rep agreed to honor it and to make a note on his account. Now there’s no record he ever spoke to anyone, and the rep who originally helped him won’t return his calls.

Here’s a copy of the letter Greg sent to ATT’s execs:

Dear Mr. Stephenson and Mr. Pund,
I apologize for raising my concern to your level, however after 7 months of inability to get

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