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AT&T Lying about Dish Network HD DVRs? – The Consumerist

Today the installer showed up – he worked for Dish Network directly. I ask him how the whole-house HD business works, and he tells me it doesn’t. It’s HD to one TV, and standard-def to the second TV. I say, well, ATT told me otherwise on two occasions. He shakes his head and says, “ATT tells all their customers that. It’s not true. I’ve told them this a million times.” So with the installer there, I call ATT back, and after holding 10 minutes (funny how there’s ALWAYS an unusually high call volume), an ATT rep answers. I put him on speaker and ask him whether the Dish Network HD DVR outputs HD content and DVR service to two HDTVs. He says yes, absolutely. And I respond, “Well, the Dish Network is here on my couch and he says otherwise.” They argue for a few minutes, and the ATT guy

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