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AT&T Offers Me $.08 Service Credit For My iPhone Downtime – The


Consumerist reader Aaron wrote in to share his experience of attempting to get a service credit from ATT Wireless after experience a data outage on his iPhone. On one hand, he was successful in getting some money back. On the other hand, he probably spent more money getting the credit than he received.

Here’s the story. After he noticed that he’d gone a few hours without data service on his iPhone, Aaron contacted ATT customer service. And after about 15 minutes of troubleshooting, everything was back up and running again. That’s when he asked for the service credit.

We’ll let Aaron tell you the rest himself:

I assumed it’d be a couple bucks (at most) as my previous carrier, Sprint, would issue a day’s credit back onto my account during similar circumstances.
The rep I talked with however told me he

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