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AT&T Wireless Named 'Worst Carrier' Yet Again

ATT Bad Customer Service

ATT Wireless is the worst wireless carrier in American for the second year in a row according to the most recent Consumer Reports survey. On the other end of the spectrum Verizon Wireless has taken the top spot among large-scale providers.

To conduct its survey Consumer Reports spoke with 63,000 subscribers. The conversation focused on voice, data an customer service. What the agency discovered was that ranking from 2011 remained nearly unchanged.

Verizon Wireless scored the best rank for voice and data service quality and consumers agreed that the nation’s largest wireless carrier had the most knowledgeable staff that was capable of resolving issues quickly and effectively. On the knowledge and customer service level ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile scored low. Customers were most concerned by each of those agencies’ voice and text service quality.

While Verizon ranked atop the nation’s biggest carriers it was surpassed by

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