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How Technology Will Ruin Your Relationship | YourTango

How ATT Will Ruin Your Relationship
Can you hear me now?!

We live in a cellular world. Everyone has a cellphone — probably even your 80 year-old grandmother. A phoneless life, or even an hour, is utterly uncivilized.

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For the second year in a row, ATT has come in last place in the world of cellphone carriers. Despite what the commercials say (lies!), Consumer Reports says ATT is simply the worst. And you can’t fight Consumer Reports because unlike ATT, they have nothing to gain from lying.

Although ATT once boasted being the first carrier to have access to the coveted iPhone, those days are long gone. Now they’re not even run-of-the-mill; they straight-up suck. But what does this mean for your romantic relationship? Does your cell phone carrier affect

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