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AT&T Salesman's Lies Stuck Me With A Stupid Obsolete iPhone


(Ninja M.)

Tim writes that back in April, he walked out of a local ATT store with a shiny new iPhone 3GS and a tiny pack of lies. A pushy salesman told Tim that he had heard from corporate that there was no new iPhone model planned for the rest of this year. Nope, no way. (Clearly neither Tim nor this salesman are regular readers of Gizmodo.)

I realize that I may be somewhat at fault for my current predicament, but I feel that I was lied to, and Att isn’t doing anything about it. On April 26th of this year, I walked into my local Att store in [redacted]. I had recently gotten out of a contract with Sprint, and have been eyeing an iPhone for some time. The salesman at the store

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