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Consumer Reports Rated AT&T USA's Worst Mobile Service Provider

Once again, ATT has been rated the worst carrier of all carriers by Consumer Reports.

This is not the first for ATT as Consumer Reports gave them the same rating last year. This was probably contributed by bad customer service, poor overall coverage for their network and a majority of their towers are shared T-Mobile towers.

Verizon was the highest-rated carrier in Consumer Reports, scoring well for voice and data service quality and “also for support attributes like staff knowledge and resolution of issues.”

Sprint, T-Mobile and ATT all received “middling to low marks” in voice and text service quality. ATT was the lowest rated carrier among all wireless service providers.

Nonetheless, ATT actually had the best rated 4G LTE network. LTE users on ATT reported the least problems out of all the networks.

ATT has recently expanded its LTE coverage to reach approximately 150

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