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AT&T Rep: Our Service Is So Terrible In Houston Because It's So

I’ve been having some issues with ATT and my iPhone. When I called last night to discuss them, I had the worst customer support experience ever.

Some background:

I have 2 iPhones on my ATT account, and will soon have three when my niece moves in with me this summer. I live near downtown Houston and work in a company 2.7 miles away. At my software company, where I am the Manager of Consulting Services and Customer Care, we have 10 people on iPhones on ATT which we happily pay for each month because we know that our employees are always within reach of each other and our customers.

In the past several months, we have experienced a sharp decrease in the ability to make and maintain phone calls at both locations. Where we used to have superior call quality, we are now lucky to even be able to

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