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AT&T Reserves Its Best Neglect For Elite DSL – The Consumerist

System: Welcome ben [redacted].
System: Connecting to server. Please wait…
System: Connection with server established.

You: Technical Support Topic: DSL High Speed Internet

System: Justin has joined this session!

System: Connected with Justin

Justin: Thank you for contacting ATT Internet Services. How can I help you?

You: I’m a rather upset customer, I pay for elite dsl service and for over 2 weeks I’ve been getting speeds that are 10% of basic service

You: I’m getting 10k downloads when it should be more like 600k downloads and

You: this is unacceptable. I have called REPEATEDLY over the last few weeks, you guys were supposed to send a tech over a week ago and I never got a call – I took the day off of work to wait

You: I’ve called and left messages since then but have gotten no response


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