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15 Companies With Impossibly Terrible Customer Service

Nothing puts people in a worse mood than having a problem with a product, except waiting on hold for hours with no sign of help or humanity.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index recently rated U.S. companies on their customer service, letting us know who to avoid, while also reinforcing some preconceived notions along the way. We won’t name names.

Here are the companies with the worst customer service:

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  • 15. Bank Of America

    In December it was revealed that BofA is America’s a href=””least favorite bank/a.

    a href=”″Read more at ASCI/a.

  • 14. CenturyLink

    CenturyLink is the a href=””third largest/a telecommunications company in the United States.

    a href=”″Read more at ASCI/a.

  • 13. Delta

    Delta’s workers were recently a href=””rated the third rudest/a airline employees.

    a href=”″Read more at ASCI/a.

  • 12. U.S. Airways

    U.S. Airways’ score has a href=”″improved since/a last year, but customers still aren’t completely satisified.

    a href=”″Read more at ASCI/a.

  • 11. Twitter

    Lots of customers take to Twitter to

    ... read more at: