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AT&T Wireless Rep Refunds My Phone Upgrade Fees Because I



Natalie called up ATT Wireless yesterday to ask about a few relatively small charges on her bill. The customer service representative offered her a refund of two $36 activation fees due to phone upgrades, explaining that it was because Natalie was quite possibly the only person who had called ATT that day who hadn’t complained about activation fees. (We’re paraphrasing and exaggerating slightly.) Then the representative gave her another credit, ostensibly for being a loyal customer of twelve years. Natalie was stunned, and couldn’t think of a way to repay the CSR…until she found our site.

I contacted ATT Customer Care this evening to dispute a couple of nominal charges to my cell bill I received today. I spoke with [K]. in customer service. She was polite from the beginning of the call. I asked her about a $5 download charge and

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