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AT&T Rollover Minutes are a Rip-Off! | Tribeswell |

I’m don’t typically use my blog as a place to complain about the products and services I use.  In fact, typically I only blog about a company if I have good things to say.

Here’s the deal though…

ATT has commercials on TV claiming that old rollover minutes save you money and that they’re a valuable part of using the service.  You know the one I’m talking about… Where the son tells his mom that he’s thrown out his old minutes and she yells at him because ‘ATT rollover minutes never expire’.

This is a lie!

My wife got a bill from ATT a few weeks ago that was 3 times as much as it usually is (over $300).  It indicated that her rollover minutes had expired and she was way over her minutes.

She called ATT today and spoke with a polite customer service rep who informed her that many people had exhibited similar

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