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Straight talk (AT&T network) with Wal-mart Support | T-Mobile

     Many iPhone users are frustrated by T-Mo’s refusal to map the refarmed 3G coverage, I think their coverage is still awfully inadequate, that is why they refuse to post it on the internet!


    I will get my SIM card by Saturday and I will pay $45 for unlimited talk/message and “unlimited” 3G (no LTE for straight talk), but I believe ATT will cut you off if you use 2G.


    I like to stay with T-Mo, but I am utterly disappointed and have no choice but to leave!!!  I am sure many many folks would do the same, considering that iPhone users are NOT contracted with T-Mo, leaving for another carrier is as simple as 1,2,3.


   Neville Ray should address this in public, or we will petition to Apple to scrap the deal with T-Mo.

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