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Counterpoint: Why Verizon's iPhone 4 sucks | DVICE

Finally. An iPhone from Verizon. An iPhone I can use on a real network. Unflappable. No dropped calls. No sluggish connections — hell, any connection in crowded metro areas. It’s even got mobile hotspot capabilities.

Great. Except for one thing. It’s not an iPhone 4G running on Verizon’s brand-new LTE autobahn.

Therefore, the Verizon iPhone 4 sucks. I won’t be buying one, and here’s why you shouldn’t either.

At CES last week, Verizon was all googly-eyes about the fleet of 4G Android phones — the Motorola Bionic, the LG Revolution, an unnamed Samsung, and the HTC Thunderbolt — coming to dock on the carrier’s shiny new 4G LTE network starting this spring (the company hasn’t said which phones are coming first or in what sequence). Each are, from a pure technical POV, superior to Verizon’s iPhone 4.

For chrissakes, in March even ATT will christen a “4G” phone superior in firepower to

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