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Want to complain to AT&T for bad service? Now there's an app for

ATT’s free “Mark the Spot” app for the iPhone will allow users to do what they’ve no doubt been itching to do for a long, long time: hit a button that complains to ATT. “Mark the Spot” will pinpoint where you are when you fire it up — using either GPS on the newer models or cell tower-triangulation for first gen iPhones — and then you’ve got three options: report poor service, poor voice quality or a dropped call.

You won’t actually get anything by way of a response, however. ATT will use the volume of data to analyze its network and find the problem areas.

From CNET (via CNN):

ATT spokesman Mark Siegel said ATT plans to use the data collected to identify trends and prioritize the company’s network investments.

“We think this is a great way to get customer feedback to improve our network,” Siegel said.

“We are always looking for

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