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Monthly Archives: February 2013

RANT: AT&T sucks | Reinke Faces Life

Evlynn Marie Mahoney Reinke (July 1, 1947 – February 26, 2011) Our Girl hated to owe anyone anything. In the last year of her life, she was always upset with the amount of fluids she was using. Say what you want about the American Medical Establishment, they never hesitated to give what she needed at […]

At&t Lies and Breaks Promises #2 | MLM Las Vegas

 Unlimited 4g Data, Text, Talk $49/mo or Free + Monthly Income … read more at:


I paid my phone bill last week and they turn it off today for no reason and wont turn it on till i pay more moneySo I dont have a phone till i find the moneywitch i need a phone cause of my mothers health trying to keep putting new stuff of the website so […]

MikeBlog: Are the New York Yankees the Evil Empire?

Security consultant and penetration tester by day, law student and hacker by night, proud Navy veteran, writer, promoter of civility in political discourse, Philadelphia and Penn State sports fanatic, practicing philomath, and last but certainly not least, Dad and Husband. … read more at:

AT&T caught in a brazen 4G lie | – Richmond News

By David Goldman NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — ATT on Wednesday announced a plan to cover 96% of the U.S. population with 4G-LTE service by the end of 2014. That’s great news for customers — but it reveals that ATT told regulators a pretty big whopper last year while fighting for its doomed T-Mobile merger. One […]

Borepatch: Does AT&T uVerse suck canal water?

I have a screenshot from showing a 0.35 Mbps (!) download rate for Camp Borepatch.  With almost nobody watching TV and almost everybody doing downloads. Hmmmm … 350 kbps divided by  4 people [pauses to lick pencil, scratch on paper [DAMN IT TRY LONG DIVISION] means that each of us has cutting Internet technology […]

AT&T Sucks(Real Voice)

Here’s my rant about this shitty phone company. … read more at:

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Announce Future Carrying of HTC One

Tweet Tweet Three of the Big Four US carriers announced their plans to carry the HTC One. Neither ATT, T-Mobile, or Sprint gave us pricing or an official date, but HTC did say global availability will begin in early March. Each carrier listed out the One’s features, showing off the new Zoe camera/gallery software, the uni-body design, […]

This is why I LOVE AT&T internet!

Yep -_- It sucks man! And it happens all the time… … read more at:

AT&T Uverse Service Sucks!!

Here is a video of ATT UVerse service. This is a constant thing. I’ve called them out so many times! So, now I’m documenting it. If they can’t get the service working, then they don’t need to sell it! … read more at: