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If You Don't Know A Storm Is Coming, You Might Be An AT&T



Yesterday my friend sent me a message reading: “OMG! I got an emergency text!” She’d gotten a text alert from the National Weather Service on her iPhone regarding the ginormous blizzard barreling down on the Northeast. I was put out because why hadn’t I gotten a message, too?!? What if I hadn’t been warned by the current media blitz?!?!? It’s all because she has Sprint and I’m an ATT wireless customer.

The good folks over at All Things D explain this apparent slight, which is old news going back to Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. The problem lies in the fact that ATT hasn’t updated its LTE network to give it the ability to push alerts on certain devices. Older phones running on the HSPA network may have gotten the NWS alerts and probably have a lot more emergency booze stockpiled now

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