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Addicted to IT: Nexus 4 + Straight Talk: Part 3

If you’ve read part 1, and part 2, you already know the potential… start saving $1,000 a year by getting off of a big carrier contract and switching over to a prepaid StraightTalk plan.  So after a couple months, is StraightTalk living up to the hype?  Or have I been cast into scylla or charybdis – marooned on a prepaid plan and having been throttled (or worse) to my doom?  Well, don’t let me keep you waiting… hurry-up and read on!

My StraightTalk “kit” came in a giant envelope… which contained a couple of smaller envelopes, one for each contract I had purchased.  Now, I had purchased a plan called the “ATT Compatible SIM + Unlimited* Plan”, which at $59 came with everything I needed for the first month of service.  Importantly, this first month of service includes a small green card for each plan, and on

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