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IST 204-01 Nate LaDow: Activity 2-11: Poor Communication Skills

What came first: the bad customer service or the hard-to-find deal?

I ask this for a reason: After more than three years of paying for
ATT phone service solely for the purpose of getting DSL, I have
come to learn that the phone service is completely unnecessary. My
aggravating (and embarrassing) path to that knowledge should serve as a
lesson for companies in how not to do customer service if you want to
retain your customers. It’s also a valuable lesson for consumers, who
have to stay vigilant in order to get the deal that’s right for them.
Here’s what happened: A few days ago I called ATT for the
umpteenth time to complain about my bill and, as usual, I mentioned my
resentment over being charged for phone service I don’t use because

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