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Borepatch: Does AT&T uVerse suck canal water?

I have a screenshot from showing a 0.35 Mbps (!) download rate for Camp Borepatch.  With almost nobody watching TV and almost everybody doing downloads.

Hmmmm … 350 kbps divided by  4 people [pauses to lick pencil, scratch on paper [DAMN IT TRY LONG DIVISION] means that each of us has cutting Internet technology from 1988 (64 kbps).  That was 25 years ago.

Just let me put that in perspective: 25 years before 1988 was 1963.  You know, when JFK was shot and computer dial up was rockin’ at 300 baud.*

Anyone else having incredibly crummy ATT uVerse service, or is it me (and their “fake DSL service called Broadband TV” that’s the culprit)?

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