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Buying an iPhone from Ebay: a Saga | After The Third |

Two things to note before I begin: (1) I have bought many things from Ebay over the years, but rarely electronics, and barring this I’ve not had any bad experiences thus far; and (2) yes, this was probably not the brightest thing I’ve ever done.

If you don’t care about the logistics of it (which I couldn’t resist inserting) skip down to “The Phone“.



For a couple years of I’ve been with Virgin Mobile, a prepaid carrier on Sprint’s network. It’s been great. I originally paid $25 a month and then (when I switched to a smartphone, $35) for ‘unlimited’ texts and data, with 300 min of calls. I rarely used my minutes so this was perfect for me. Unfortunately, Sprint’s service is terrible where I am. I often get no bars in my room and indoors in the law school. This is perhaps

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