Skip to content Unlocked the Apple iPhone, Left the Evil Empire

We just got off the phone with the Death Star Support Troopers (the ATT Customer Support team) to pay our final bill and cancel the ATT wireless account. The negative effects of the 1.1.1 firmware update convinced us to *not* apply the Apple update until the Dev team has released a “virgin application” and/or method for working around the “Invalid SIM issues”. Apple Computer and ATT are definitely forming an Evil Empire.

Instead of updating, we’ll keep using the version 1.0.2 firmware that is fully unlocked and fully functional with the T-Mobile EDGE setup. Yes, this puts our iPhone to a time warp, so to speak, but we’ll live… happily and Empire-free. NOTE: We did keep our ATT SIM chip. Just in case we should need some type of support from Apple in the future, we can pop-in the ATT

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