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AT&T CEO Admits AT&T Sucks. Solution: Charge More Money

ATT CEO Admits ATT Sucks. Solution: Charge More Money.If an iPhone app designed solely to report crappy coverage doesn’t say it loudly enough, ATT Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega admitted today that ATT sucks in NY and SF, saying they’re “performing at levels below our standards.”

But! It’s “going to get fixed.” He promises. (As ATT has for over a year.) Besides, part of it’s in your head—ATT says they have a national dropped call rate of 1.32 percent, which is within two-tenths of one percent below the “highest-scoring provider.” (Though it’s, um, higher in NY on some phones, according to some people.)

Disconcertingly, he made reference to ATT’s favorite stat, that 3 percent of smartphone customers push 40 percent of data, and that they’re looking at incentives—as the WSJ put it—that’ll get those people to cut back, “in a way

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