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AT&T's 4G smartphones are actually slower than the 3G iPhone 4

While the definition of 3G is pretty much universally agreed upon and united under the umbrella of a standard, 4G is a meaningless term… and becomes even more meaningless by the second. Strictly speaking, the only thing that comes close to really being 4G are Sprint’s WiMax and Verizon’s LTE technologies. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ isn’t really 4G, but it’s still faster, at least, than stock 3G. ATT’s so-called 4G, though, isn’t just a lie… it’s actually slower than their 3G.

PC Mag recently took two ATT phones proclaiming themselves to be 4G handsets for a spin. They tested an HTC Inspire 4G, a Motorola Atrix and an Apple iPhone 4 against each other. You’d think that the Inspire 4G and the Motorola Atrix would be faster than the iPhone, since both use HSPA+ 14.4 modems compared to the iPhone 4′s HSPA 7.2 modem.

Guess what, though? In actual

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