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AT&T angers prepaid iPhone GoPhone users – UPDATED


ATT iPhone customers on pay-as-you-go plans will have to get-up-and-go to another plan. According to Macworld, ATT gave customers short notice that as of June 17, they needed to “move to an approved rate plan with the required unlimited Data Plan for iPhone.” The notice has generated several comments on the Internet, not all complimentary, towards the wireless carrier.

The current GoPhone is no longer possible for the original iPhone, nor the iPhone 3G. The alternative Pick Your Plan’s prepay once a month offering is still OK if you are already a  subscriber with an unlimited data plan on the original iPhone. You can add the data plan if you want to continue on Pick Your Plan. Folks with a iPhone 3G are totally out of luck under either arrangement.

Prices had been10 cents for ATT Pay as You Go Unlimited Talk or

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