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I won'to pay AT&T early-termination fees | LazyHacks

Yesterday T-Mobile started using orders regarding iPhone 5, which goes on sale from the carrier on Apr 12. I ordered a single black and one white 16GB iPhone Your five, setting us back virtually $293, thanks to California’s outrageously high sales duty (yeah, I know it’s a pittance to a lot of Europeans). I’m in technique of ripping all five traces from ATT’s grubby paws and also moving these to T-Mobile. Expect a really public vision, as I talk about my battle to get ATBig t to reduce early-termination costs.

My first try on the first three lines failed. A good ATT buyer rep bumped $100 off my personal bill, that isn’t nearly enough. He said, and I’ve heard this before, the carrier’s pc wouldn’t allow him to reduced ETFs. They are firm obligations that I will not feel compelled to pay — properly, not totally. I’m willing to make my

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