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T-Mobile to AT&T: if our network sucks, why did you try to buy us


Everyone loves a good fight, especially in the highly-contentious mobile carrier arena. Not to disappoint, spunky T-Mobile is expected to wallop one-time suitor ATT in a series of upcoming newspaper ads.

The ads feature the corner of ATT’s recent ‘Truth about T-Mobile’ advertisements, asking readers whether the rival carrier may be getting nervous. In another, a snarky T-Mobile asks if their network performance is so bad, why did ATT try to acquire the smaller network in 2011…

Although not yet released (but reported via TMoNews), the three ads apparently are T-Mobile’s response to full-page ATT spots published earlier this month which question the speed and reliability of T-Mobile’s network.

In one ad, T-Mobile asks whether ATT is sweating over the carrier considering dropping the standard industry 2-year contract. In another, the carrier suggests ATT is being kept up at night worried about competing

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