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Study: Dish, Bright House earn high marks for customer experience

Bright House Networks and Dish Network held down the top spots among the 10 companies surveyed for customer experience in the TV sector by Temkin Research Group.

On the other hand, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications were the lowest-rated TV companies in the 2013 Temkin experience ratings.

“Bad customer experience is an ongoing epidemic in the TV services sector. Even the best firm in the industry is rated in the bottom third of all companies,” said Bruce Temkin, managing partner of Temkin Group.

Cable operators have been battling the public’s perception of poor customer satisfaction by providing more training for their customer service reps. Comcast and Charter have taken steps to reduce video churn through better customer service.

Overall, the TV industry scored the lowest out of the 19 industries that were covered in the Temkin ratings. The ratings evaluated three areas of customer experience: functional (can customers do what they

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