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AT&T Sucks A$$ | Not Right In The Head

Son of a Bitch…… For the time being,

Going from Starbucks to Starbucks sucking down Coffee and leaching Wi-Fi I have run into something I thought I was done with a long time ago… ATT. And I’ve got to tell you something I almost forgot before I almost forget it again.

ATT Has the absolute worst customer service of any corporation on the planet. As a matter of fact ATT’s customer service SUCKS A$$!

 That’s Not Right

So like I said… I’m a Gypsy, I’m happily married but I can’t go home… Did I mention that the two older Coconut heads are in Custody? Really… No shit. And well… I can’t see the to small ones either, All I can do is sit and wait, wait for my wife to find a sitter so we can steal a few minutes together here and there in between me

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